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City Council

  1. Board Application Form

    Thank you for being interested in serving on a board or commission with the City of Warrensburg. Please complete this form and follow... More…

  1. Contact City Council

    Use this form to contact members of the Warrensburg City Council

Community Development

  1. ADA Online Grievance Form
  2. Report a Nuisance Violation
  1. Contact Community Development Staff

    Contact form for the department of Community Development.

  2. Report a Property Maintenance/Structure Violation

    Form used by the public to report a property maintenance violation on a structure.

Convention & Visitors Bureau

  1. Contact Us
  2. WCVB Face Mask Donation Request

    Available for Warrensburg area 501c3 nonprofits. Must be utilized for events open to the public in 2020. Requests must be submitted a... More…

  3. WCVB Sponsorship Application
  4. WCVB Tourism Marketing Grant Application
  1. Submit an Event
  3. WCVB Sports Grant Application
  4. WCVB Tourism Marketing Grant Application

Fire Department

  1. Request Additional Information
  1. Smoke Alarm Request

    Use this form to request smoke alarm installation.


  1. Autism & Special Needs Registry

    One method of collecting information to pass on to Dispatch for their database.

  2. Parking Violation Report
  3. Request for Security Check: Train Depot Parking

    If you will be leaving your vehicle in the train depot parking lot please fill out this form so that police officers can contact you in... More…

  1. Contact WPD Staff

    Contact someone at the Warrensburg Police Department

  2. Request for Security Check: Residence or Business

    Officers will use this information to check on your home or business and, if necessary, contact you or your key holders.