Part-Time Firefighter Program

The Warrensburg Fire Department Part-Time Firefighter program provides supplemental personnel to support the mission of the fire department. Prospective applicants with prior experience and certifications are welcome however, unlike many career departments, prospective recruits are not required to have any prior experience or hold any certification to apply for open positions. Training provided after appointment prepares the firefighter to work various shifts and perform all duties of full-time firefighters. 

Initial Requirements

Candidates that meet all pre-employment requirements and are successfully hired must complete the departments Recruit Academy. 

Candidates are required to obtain their State of Missouri Firefighter I and II certification within one year of appointment if they do not hold these certifications. This course is typically provided by the Warrensburg Fire Department. In some cases, the certification course may be attended at a near-by fire agency hosting the course. 

Candidates are required to obtain EMT-B licensure through the State of Missouri. If the candidate does not have EMT-B, tuition assistance is offered. Licensure is required within two years of appointment.

Work Opportunities

The department staffs one part-time position daily from 1000AM to 0800PM. The department typically experiences its highest call volume during these times. Part-time firefighters that successfully complete the department Recruit Academy are eligible to work this shift as assigned. 

Part-time personnel that hold Firefighter I and II certifications and an EMT-B license are eligible to fill-in as part of the departments minimum daily staffing. When full-time staff are on leave, part-time staff are often utilized to fill the vacant position. The department operates on a 48 hour on-duty 96 hour off-duty shift rotation and part-time staff can work all or portions of those shifts when available. 

Emergency call-backs occur when on-duty personnel respond to larger scale emergencies, or on-duty resources are expended. When an emergency call-back occurs, all off-duty full-time and part-time personnel are notified via a paging app and may respond to the station if available. 

Full-Time Promotions

When full-time positions become available, part-time personnel have the opportunity to apply before any outside hiring takes place. Throughout most of the history of this program, full-time staff have exclusively been hired from the part-time program. The department invests a lot in the development of all our personnel and hiring and promoting from within remains the priority of the administration. 

Job Shadow Program

The Warrensburg Fire Department offers a ride-a-long program to explore the department and career field. If you are interested in joining the department, we find it just as important for you to know if the department is a good fit for you. Our commitment to professional development will prepare you to be a firefighter but we want you to experience our supportive culture and drive to create an outstanding workplace. Applications for a ride-a-long can be completed online at this address: