Emergency Management

The Fire Chief serves as the Emergency Manager for the City of Warrensburg. Working closely with Johnson County Emergency Management, the fire department oversees the policies and systems that are in place to manage large scale emergencies. These duties include not only public education and preparedness but also the continuity of City Government to ensure service is restored and maintained to its citizens. Warrensburg's Emergency Management works closely with Johnson County Emergency Management to maximize resource capability throughout Johnson County. A revised Local Emergency Operations Plan was adopted by City Council by Resolution in 2023. 

The Emergency Management Division of the City also oversees the outdoor warning system testing and maintenance. The public is keenly aware of the outdoor siren test that occurs on the first Wednesday of every month. While these tests are loud they ensure that the system is functioning properly and ready for emergency notifications. One of the most regular threats to our community is severe weather and our notification and shelter systems are just part of what maintains the City's status as StormReady®.

station 1 storm siren
storm ready