Capital Projects

  1. Curb & Sidewalk Program
  2. Street Maintenance Program
  3. Downtown Revitalization Phase IV
  4. Veterans Road Phase I
  5. Veterans Road Phase II
  6. Traffic Signal Upgrade
  7. Hawthorne & Maguire Round-About

This annual program is an opportunity for property owners to improve sidewalks, sharing the cost with the City.  This program allows the City to make ADA improvements coinciding with the Annual Street Maintenance Program.    This program includes the replacement of existing deteriorated street curb and sidewalk. The City pays for 100% of the cost of replacing street curb and property owners pay the City $1.50 per square foot for sidewalk replacement with the City paying the rest of the cost. Applications are generally opened to City Residents in January of each year to be evaluated for inclusion in the program as funding is limited at $80,000 for FY18.2018 Sidewalk Project 1