Pre-Incident Planning

Pre-incident plan Surveys
Pre-incident planning identifies target hazards which present potential large life loss, property loss, or significant fire suppression problems during a fire.  This program shall prioritize those target hazards which present the greatest potential for loss to be pre-planned first. This program allows firefighters to become familiar with target hazards, i.e., life hazards, rescue and patient care problems, building construction, fuel load, water supply requirements, salvage considerations, fire suppression problems and unsafe conditions for fire department personnel. This program is designed to collect and analyze target hazard data so that operations personnel can develop strategic plans, tactical considerations, and operational procedures prior to an emergency incident. 

The Target Hazard Pre-Plan program is designed to enhance firefighter safety, provide an operational plan for the identification, development, and use of a user-friendly document, which provides valuable information on selected target hazards to reduce the loss of life and property damage in the event of an incident at the property.