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Harland a. Tempel

Harland Tempel, who received a Purple Heart for heroics during the second World War while serving in the European Theatre, is buried beside his beloved wife Velva. Happily married for 52 years, both husband and wife died soon after reaching their 75 years of age. At the grave of this former Johnson County Sheriff, Matthew 31:28 tells people to "Come To Me, All Who Labor And Are Burdened, And I Will Give You Rest."

Charles H. & Jessica M. Thompson

Buried in the S1 section of the cemetery, standing out among a host of other stones, is a tiny marble vase belonging to the memory of the Thompsons. Surrounded by other older gravestones belonging to numerous African-Americans, this area of Sunset Hills shows that when it came to segregation, not even cemeteries were immune.

Charles E & Lonia I. Todd

When Charles and Lonia were married on the blistery Christmas Eve of 1908, they expected to grow old and die together. After death did them part in 1930, Lonia would live an additional 50 years before she perished at 92 years old.