Fire Department Operations

What we do...

  • Provide fire suppression for all types of fires 
  • Respond to emergency medical calls to aid the ambulance providing medical care
  • Perform rescue services of several disciplines (e.g. auto, ice, water, and specialized rescues) 
  • Investigate hazardous material incidents and develop a plan to handle the situation
  • Provide fire prevention services such as group presentations, fire station visits, and participation in local fairs and events

Other Services

We are responsible for code enforcement to ensure safety for the occupants. Plan reviews are done to ensure fire safety features are included in all buildings requiring permits.  

We also preplan commercial and high occupancy buildings so we are familiar in the event of an emergency.

Further, we are involved with emergency management functions in the city. We work with the Johnson County Emergency Management Agency when there are disasters or large scale emergencies in the area. There are several churches that have volunteered to provide shelter during the storm and we have plans for long term sheltering if needed. We plan for all types of man-made and natural disasters to be ready if needed.
Oxley Class A (2)
Deputy Chief Oxley
  1. Doyle Oxley

    Deputy Fire Chief

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