Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning is a division of Community Development which provides day-to-day support for the development and building community, as well as citizens of Warrensburg.  Planning and Zoning staff administers the zoning regulations within the city limits.  Warrensburg has 11 separate zoning districts, each with minimum lot size, building height, setback, parking, landscaping and other requirements.
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Contact the City Planner by phone, email, appointment or walk-in at City Hall to answer questions related to the Zoning Ordinance or Subdivision Regulations.
  • Applications for the zoning actions listed above
  • Chapter 27 Zoning Ordinance questions such as allowed uses, structure placement, parking, and landscaping
  • Chapter 21 Subdivision Regulation questions such as platting requirements
  • Comprehensive City Plan questions
  • Zoning verification of properties
  • Zoning review of all residential and commercial building permit applications
  • Zoning approval for business licenses
  • Zoning approval for Home Occupations
  1. Kristin Dyer

    City Planner, zoning