Liquor Licenses

About Liquor Licenses

The applicant must be of good moral character, a qualified legal voter and a taxpaying citizen of a city, county, town, or village of this state. The application for a liquor license provides a checklist of items required to obtain a license within our municipality. State and County liquor licenses are also required. County licenses are obtained from the County Clerk and State licenses are obtained from the State Division of Liquor Control. City Licenses may be obtained from the City Collector at City Hall:
102 South Holden Street
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Business must not sell alcohol until both State and City Liquor Licenses have been obtained.

If you have any questions please contact:

  • County Clerk: 660-747-6161
  • Liquor Control / Raytown, Missouri: 816-743-8888

Allocation of Fees & Refunds

According to City Ordinance, 50% of all fees required under this chapter shall be for the processing of the application and the remaining 50% shall be for the issuance of the license. If the City denies the license for any reason, the applicant will be entitled to a 50% refund of the fees. No license shall be entitled to a refund if a license has been suspended, terminated or placed on probation by the City or if the licensee voluntarily ceases operation under the license.

Standards for Issuance

All required documents must first be submitted to the City Collector's Office. Once all items have been received, the application is forwarded for approval by the Community Development, Building Division and Fire Departments. The Police Chief conducts a full investigation of the applicant.


When all requirements have been met, the liquor application is then submitted to the City Manager for approval or denial. The actions of the City Manager may be appealed to the City Council for review and final action.

Applications & Related Documents