Business Licenses

Masks/Face coverings required for entry to City Hall.
Other protocols for public safety will be displayed for entry to city hall.
To keep everyone safe if possible contact us for new licenses, renewal forms or information call City Hall at 660-747-9131 or e-mail Carl at (Carl Larkerbrink)

 The state of emergency is still in effect. Following the guidelines of Section 1, business licenses will expire September 1, 2020 and be subject to delinquent fees on October 1, 2020.

 Section 1. All Licenses and permits whose expiration or renewal was extended under prior orders of the City Manager or City Council shall expire September 1, 2020, with renewals to be effective September 2, 2020. Renewals shall thereafter be issued, when otherwise entitled to renewal, for the balance of the normal 2020-2021 license period.

About Business Licenses

Any business operating within the City Limits of Warrensburg is required to obtain a City business license. Those businesses pay a fee based on it's gross volume of business. Certain occupations are listed specifically in the City's Code of Ordinance and are require to pay a flat fee.

Note: All food related business are required to pass inspection from the Health Department 660-747-6121 before opening for business.
          Retail locations require an approved City inspection before open to the public.
Business Licenses may obtained from the City Collector at City Hall at:
102 South Holden
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Ordinances adopted January 22, 2018 changed some fees and requirements for Business Licenses.
Please follow the Link for “Ordinance information”. 
The current classification for Barber/Beauty Shops by number of chairs has been deleted.

The current classification for Drayage by number of trucks has been deleted.
Other classifications have also been deleted and will now be classified by Gross Volume of the business. 

The addition of the classification for Tree Service and Pest Control for a flat fee of $35.00 with
the requirement to provide proof of public liability coverage of at least $25,000.00.

 Changes also impacted Section 4-2 concerning Amusement Devices.
Section 4-2 is repealed and no longer requires the registration/permit of pinball machines and coin-operated amusement devices.
Vending companies are still required to obtain a general business license.

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