We Want Your Drugs!

Warrensburg Police Department Drug Collection Box Open

The Warrensburg Police Department wants your leftover prescription drugs. Following on the heels of another successful drug take back at Bi-Lo Country Mart, the department received a prescription drug take back box this week.  The box was purchased by the Missouri Partners in Prevention and the University of Central Missouri’s Office of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention (VSAP) and provided to the department at no cost.

“Missouri Partners in Prevention supports campuses throughout Missouri to create healthier, safer campuses and communities,” said Joan Masters from Missouri Partners in Prevention.  “By encouraging students and community members to discard unused drugs safely, college students and community members will be less likely to share narcotics or other substances that are highly addictive with others.”

University of Central Missouri’s Amy Kiger, with VSAP said, “We are happy to provide funding through our grant with Missouri Partners in Prevention for this drug repository. It is an important addition to our community’s efforts to prevent prescription drug abuse.”

“We are so happy to be able to offer this valuable service to our community, year round, “ said Chief Rich Lockhart.  “Providing a safe place to dispose of unusued prescription drugs will not only make each home safer, but also our entire community.”

Drugs may be dropped off in the lobby of the police station from 8am to 5pm weekdays.

Click here: Prescription Drug Press Release

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