Use Caution When Retrieving Used Furniture



April 14, 2016

Use Caution When Retrieving Used Furniture

The City of Warrensburg provides its citizens with bulky waste removal twice a year through the Annual Spring/Fall Cleanup Program. This program kicks-off again on April 18 and includes the collection of furniture and mattresses. Since buying new furniture can be an expensive purchase, used furniture is an attractive alternative. Due to the resurgence of bedbugs in the United States, this cheap alternative can result in thousands of dollars in costs and an unhappy home.

Across the United States in recent years, bedbugs have made a comeback and unfortunately, the City of Warrensburg has not been spared. Several cases of bedbugs have been reported since the beginning of 2016 with an increase in frequency over last year. Because of the difficulty of removing these pests from homes, please do not collect furniture from the street curb and if doing so, use extreme caution.

If your home is currently experiencing or has experienced an insect infestation, and you are disposing of furniture this month during the bulky waste pick-up:
• Damage or label your infested furniture before placing it at the curb to dissuade other citizens from retrieving it.
• Contact your trash provider to arrange disposal of your furniture

The City urges citizens to use caution when retrieving furniture from the street curb and to educate themselves on the risks of bed bugs. Better yet, avoid the headache and worry and buy new furniture at any of our local furniture stores.

Bedbugs are spread through the movement of people and their belongings. Furniture is a perfect vector for spreading this pest and the only sure way of stopping their spread is to avoid furniture from unknown sources.

For more information contact:
Name: Roma Hicks
Title: Neighborhood Services Coordinator
Phone #: 660-747-9135

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