Sewer Billing Policies and Procedures

 Q. What is the City Sewer Utility Billing Policy?
A. To establish fair, consistent, and effective billing procedures that will ensure the efficient operation of the sewer utility and collection of current and delinquent charges for sewer utility services provided by the City of Warrensburg.
Provide excellent service by billing accurately and promptly taking reasonable time and actions to collect due and past due bills.
The City’s operational expenses, debt service charges and sewer coverage requirements are reviewed and calculated annually to establish sewer charges sufficient to produce revenues to meet these requirements. As such, sewer services are not furnished free of charge.

Complete Sewer Utility Billing Policies and Procedures
Warrensburg Ordinances Chapter 24 Utilities

Sewer Utility Billing FAQ

Q. Who should I contact if I have a sewer back up issue?
A. For sewer back-up emergencies, please contact Public Works at 660-747-9131. This number is available for use at any time: day, night, weekday or weekend.

Q. How do I set up my Sewer Services for Billing?
A.  Customer account information & usage is imported from Missouri American Water.
When a resident sets up a water account the activation information is sent to the city.

Q. Why is my sewer bill separate from my water bill?
A. American Water no longer provides billing services for municipalities. Sewer lines are maintained by the City or Warrensburg with billing processed through our facility.

Q. How do I make changes to my account?
A. Changes to your account, including name changes, bill to: address changes, canceling service or disputes on usage readings are handled directly by the Missouri American Water web site or customer service 866-430-0820.

Q. What are my Payment Options?
 A. Walk in at City Hall with Cash, Credit/Debit cards and Personal checks/money orders made out to the City of Warrensburg-Sewer Utility.
Personal checks/money orders by mail made out to the City of Warrensburg-Sewer Utility.
Phone payments with Credit or Debit Cards (e-checks not accepted).
Auto-Pay debit from checking/savings account or Debit/Credit Card.
Online services with Credit/Debit cards (e-checks not accepted).
24 hour drop box on the one way street by City Hall (no cash please).
Walk in payments at Bi-Lo Country Mart service desk  at 410 E Young St. Accepted payments types are cash and e-check (credit/debit cards not accepted).

Q. What types of Credit/Debit cards are accepted?
A. Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept e-checks for walk in, phone or on-line payments.

Q. Are there any fees charged for payment types?
A. On-line payments are charged a $1.25 transaction fee directly to the customer card account.
Bi-Lo payments are charged a $1.00 (cash only) transaction fee.
No additional fees are charged for walk in, phone or auto-pay transactions.

Q. What happens if my payment is refused/returned by the bank?
A. Customers will be charged a $25.00 service fee for checks and monthly Automatic Pay payments returned to the City for stop pays, closed accounts or any other reason. Customers will be charged a $25.00 service fee for credit/debit card charge backs. The fee will be added to the current bill and accrue late fees. Customers with three or more returned check payments will be required to pay their utility bills with cash or credit/debit card.Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We do not accept e-checks for walk in, phone or on-line payments.
(customers are responsible for updating any auto-pay information including banking account changes and credit/debit card expiration dates)

Q.  Does it cost anything to log in and view account information?
A. Customers may set up to view account information at no charge. This feature allows customers to View account detail, Transaction history, Address info, Account info, Consumption history, and  Manage multiple accounts.

Q. What is the difference between Online Bill Payment and Automatic Bill Payment?
A. Online Bill Payment is controlled by the customer and Automatic Bill Payment is initiated every month by City of Warrensburg on the due date.

Q. If I pay on-line and provide my e-mail address will it be disclosed to third parties?
A. All information provided on our web site including e-mail is kept confidential.

Q. How do I sign up for Automatic Bill Payment?
A. Customers must fill out a form (click here) and provide banking information for drafting from checking/savings or credit/debit.

Q. If I sign up for Automatic Bill Pay when will my checking account or credit card be charged?
A. Your credit card or checking account will be charged on the payment due date. If your due date falls on a weekend or holiday it will then be charged the following business day.

Q. How will I know when Automatic Bill Payment has been activated?
A. Automatic draft may take up to two billing cycles to activate. Once it has processed you will get message on your bill: ‘Paid by Draft’.

Q. Will my Auto-Pay be active if I move?
A. Auto-Pay does not follow the account. If you move to new address a new form must be submitted for the new address.

Q. I am going on vacation for an extended time, can I make advance payments?
A. You are welcome to make advance payments or payments over the amount due. These payments will be reflected on your normal monthly bill statements.

Q. How is my bill calculated?
A. Commercial accounts are based on actual water usage + base rate determined by water meter size.
New Residential accounts based on actual water usage $2.70 first 2/CCF & $5.11 for each CCF over 2/CCF capped at 8/CCF + base rate of $9.00 (max $45.06).
Established Residential accounts based on winter average water usage from readings to include January, February, & March + base rate of $9.00 (starting with April billing cycle/no usage cap for winter average).
CCF is defined as 100 cubic fee of water

Q. What will be my Billing due date?
A. The City is split in four zones determined by water meter readings (first two digits of account #).
Each zone is billed monthly in weekly cycles with a due date specific to the zone.
Approximate due dates are as follows:
Zone 02 First week of the month
Zone 03 Second week of the month
Zone 04 Third week of the month
Zone 01 Fourth week of the month
Billing dates & penalty amount are set by ordinance & are the same for all customers commercial & residential
Bill date is the actual bill print/mailing date
Due date is 10 days from bill print/mailing
Penalty date is 21 days from bill print/mailing

Q. When are payments due?
A. Payments are expected on receipt of the bill statement, however a Due Date is indicated on the bill determined by the billing Zone. Any payment received past the Delinquent Date also indicated on the bill will incur a late charge and water services could be disconnected if timely payments are not made.

Q. What is the penalty amount if my payment is past the Delinquent Date?
A. 10% penalty is applied to total amount of current & past due balance if not paid by penalty date.

Q. What happens if I let my bill get behind?
A. Missouri American Water has an agreement with the City of Warrensburg & will terminate water services for past due accounts. Additional fees for disconnect and reconnect apply (customer will be notified prior to shut off).

Q. How far behind do I have to get before my services are terminated?
A. All residents are subject to the same requirements for termination of services including residential and commercial accounts. Any account that is 60 days behind is subject to shut off. Disconnect and Reconnect fees apply for accounts that are disconnected for non-pay.

Q. Will I be notified before my services are terminated?
A. Yes, accounts that are delinquent will receive a hang tag notice on the door of the residence informing them of the amount due and the  due date payment needs to be received by. Courtesy calls are made to accounts that have a valid phone number associated with the customer.

Q. What happens if I don’t pay the bill by the notice date?
A. In the event the past due balance is not paid by the date listed on the notice, services will be terminated with a disconnection fee applied to the account. At that time, an additional hang tag will be posted to inform the resident services have been terminated and the procedure to restore services. After disconnection, payment for services must be paid in full by Cash, Credit or Debit card. Checks for payment will not be accepted after the service is terminated. Disconnect and reconnect fees must be paid in full to restore service.

Q. Can I make payment arrangements for past due accounts?
A.Payment Agreements on delinquent accounts for extraordinary hardship cases may be made. The customer seeking a Payment Agreement is required to sign the Agreement. The Agreement will extend the customer’s payment date and establish a schedule by which incremental payments must be made. The outstanding amount of past due and current charges must be paid by the extended date no longer than six (6) months from the date of the Payment Agreement. Payment Agreements cannot be made for a customer whose sewer has already been shut off for non-payment.

Q. What if I have a dispute on my bill amount?
A. Customers may appeal a bill within fifteen (15) days of receiving the bill to the City Collector and, if not satisfied, to the Director of Finance.
SEWER BILL CREDIT: Customers are responsible for all water usage that goes through the meter on the customer side of the water line. However in the event of a water leak, improper plumbing, or incomplete connections the City may adjust the customer’s sewer usage for the affected time period provided written documentation is attached to a form provided by the City (click here) and submitted by the customer to the City Collector and Public Works Director to support the leak or non-usage. City staff will make periodic review(s) of the account and physical location. Credits will be applied to the customer account the following month. Money will only be returned to the customer if the credit on the account pays more than six months of typical bills and upon request. Only one credit adjustment is allowed per address for the life of the account.

Q. Still have questions?
A. Give us a call at 660-262-4549