Severe Weather Preparedness-When Sirens Sound


Severe Weather Preparedness-When Sirens Sound

WARRENSBURG, MO (April 8, 2015) – The Warrensburg Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management would like to remind everyone what to do when the storm sirens are activated.  The storm sirens are ONLY activated if Warrensburg is in the path of a storm that has produced a tornado or the development of a tornado is likely.  Sirens are NOT activated for Severe Thunderstorm Warnings or other severe weather. After the sirens have sounded, please monitor local weather via local news or a NOAA weather radio to verify when the storms have cleared the area. 

It is also important to remember that storm sirens are designed as an outdoor warning device.  They are designed to give notification to those at ballgames, parks, and any other outdoor activity so they can take shelter somewhere inside.  They are not designed to be heard in homes or apartments.  For inside notification consider a NOAA weather radio, sign up for NIXLE , and there are several apps available for cell phones that will give notification.

Take some time this week to prepare yourself, your family, and coworkers for severe weather.  “When the storm sirens sound, take action immediately.  This is not the time to come up with a plan.  Make a plan, practice the plan.” states Jeremy VanWey, Fire Prevention Officer of the Warrensburg Fire Department.

Ways to prepare include: 

  • Have an emergency kit ready (food, shoes, medications, flashlights, etc.)
  • Have an emergency communications plan
  • Have a NOAA weather radio
  • Know where Storm Shelters are located in Warrensburg
  • Go to for tips and information
  • Go to for more information on disaster preparation

For information on severe weather shelters in Warrensburg, go to


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For more information contact:

Name:    Jeremy VanWey

Title: Fire Prevention Officer

Phone: 660-262-4654

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