Request for Proposal for Professional Photography

This deadline has been extended, please submit your request by Friday, May 19, 2017. If you have questions call 660-262-4606.  

General Information

The City of Warrensburg is in need of a professional photographer for images of Staff, Council and City owned property. To be considered in the review process, proposals must be received by 2:00 p.m. on Friday, May 12th, 2017; in the office of the City Clerk at 102 South Holden Street, Warrensburg, Missouri, 64093. Proposals must be sealed and prominently marked “Professional Photography Proposal – Do Not Open”. Interested parties must submit one original document and four copies. All materials submitted will become property of The City. Materials may also be submitted electronically to by the May 12th, 2017 deadline.


The selected photographer shall be responsible for taking photos for use on the City’s website and also in promotional materials. The selected photographer must have demonstrated prior experience in taking pictures for promotional/informational publications (brochures, magazines, print advertisements, web imagery, posters, etc.). When photographing individuals not associated with the City, signed releases must accompany the images.

Proposal Requirements

The Photographer selected must have demonstrated prior experience in taking pictures for promotional and informational publications (print/web) and must demonstrate the following:

1. The ability to work effectively with the City of Warrensburg Staff to identify photographic opportunities;
2. The ability to submit work in a timely manner;
3. The ability to work when requested;
4. The ability to supply high-resolution digital photography;
5. Willingness to sign a statement confirming that all final products shall belong to the City of Warrensburg for use as needed. (The City is willing to consider shared ownership for price reduction, and/or, increased number of images)

Response Requirements

Responses to this RFP shall include at the following information:

1. The full name and address of the individual, company, organization etc.
2. A brief description of the individual, firm or organization, including qualifications, experience and the ability to fulfill the scope of work described in this RFP.
3. Include references

In addition, please include:

• Samples of past photographic work.
• Detailed list of photographic equipment owned by vendor.

Responses that do not include any of the above mentioned items may be deemed non-responsive and eliminated from consideration.

Bid Evaluation Criteria

An evaluation of the proposals will be conducted by a committee. Cost, although always a factor, shall not be the deciding factor. The decision of the committee will be considered final with the approval of the City Manager and City Council. All services requested under this RFP must be addressed for any proposal to be considered. Proposals should explain clearly and completely the qualifications and experience of the responding individual, company, organization etc. as they pertain specifically to the services outlined in this RFP.

Qualifications and Experience

Responses shall be scored on the following:

• Prior experience and qualifications specific to this RFP
• References
• General qualifications and experience as they relate to compliance with any contracting statutes and regulations.
• Quality, clarity and completeness of proposal
• Expressed understanding of the requirements of this RFP
• Methodology proposed to accomplish the goals of ACT
• Qualifications and availability of photographer(s)

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