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(Tupelo, Miss.) — Home of the University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg is a charming town poised

for opportunity.

Within the past year, national retailers IHOP, Buffalo Wild Wings, Orange Leaf, Pita Pit, and Small Cakes

as well as local business Rockin’ Bubbles Car Wash have all found a home in Warrensburg. Supermarket

giant Aldi’s built a larger, newer store in the City this year.

According to City Manager Harold Stewart, “the City has steadily been increasing their retail recruitment

efforts over the last several years by attending the International Council of Shopping Center’s annual

Deal Making Conference in Chicago and adopting an incentive policy that provides guidelines for using

economic incentives to recruit retail and primary employers. Within the last two years, City staff and

City Council realized it is time to take the next step by working with a retail recruitment firm.”

The Retail Coach, a retail recruitment and consulting firm, was selected to assist the City in their

recruiting efforts. In business for more than 15 years, The Retail Coach is a pioneer of the retail

recruitment industry. With clients in 29 states and 86% repeat clients, The Retail Coach uses their

expertise to help communities reach their goals.

“[Our goal is] to recruit more retail, restaurant, and entertainment to Warrensburg; to offer our

residents more opportunities to buy clothing, electronics, and other items to meet their needs locally

instead of having to go to the City; to retain the businesses and restaurants already here; and to keep

our current shopping centers and districts vibrant while developing new centers,” said Stewart.

“Warrensburg has pent‐up demand with the students at UCM and the service members and families at

Whiteman Air Force Base. Students and the military are brand loyal and have experiences from all over

the world. They are looking for those brands in Warrensburg and not finding them currently.”The City has contracted The Retail Coach to help it reach its full potential as a retail hub within Central


“he City went through a formal selection process and The Retail Coach proposal rose to the top. We

liked that the scope would engage our existing centers and downtown district as well as recruit new

businesses,”explained Stewart.

“ am looking forward to working with The Retail Coach to assist them in the growth of Warrensburg,

along with the other members of the City Council and City staff. More retail and restaurants in our city

will generate more sales tax and jobs,”said Mayor Robin Allen.

Retail Study Components

Aaron Farmer, Vice President of The Retail Coach, will spearhead Warrensburg’s development efforts.

Farmer and his team will begin by conducting multiple analyses to gain a more thorough understanding

of the community, its residents, and its economic climate.

The team will begin by determining Warrensburg’s Retail Trade Area, or the area from which the City

draws consumers. A Workplace Population Analysis will distinguish between the “working” and “living”

populations and a Psychographic Profile will explore the values of the residents and how that affects

their spending habits. A Gap Analysis will then be conducted to pinpoint the specific retail categories

Warrensburg is lacking in, and how much money the shortage is costing them yearly.

Based on this information, The Retail Coach will create a Retailer Match List, a list of national and

regional brands that would be both welcomed and successful in Warrensburg. The team will use its

industry contacts and national site selector criteria to distribute marketing packages created specifically

for the City.

“We are excited about working with the City of Warrensburg. Warrensburg’s strong retail population,

coupled with the University of Central Missouri’s student population, will be attractive to potential

restaurants, retailers, and developers,” said Farmer.

Farmer will be in Warrensburg for a kick‐off meeting January 25‐27.

For more information on Warrensburg, visit http://www.warrensburg‐

For more information on The Retail Coach, visit

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