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Garage Sale Permit

Residents of the City of Warrensburg are required to have a permit in order to have a garage sale. The reason for requiring this permit is to prohibit continuous garage/yard sales in a residential neighborhood.

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Dog License

All dog owners who reside within the City Limits are required to obtain a dog license. The dog must be six months of age and be vaccinated against rabies. The owner must bring proof of vaccination from their veterinarian.

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Building Permit

A building permit is required to be issued before you start your construction project. If you are wondering if your project requires a building permit, please call the Permit Clerk at 660-747-9135.

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Business License

Any business operating within the City Limits of Warrensburg is required to obtain a City business license. Those businesses pay a fee based on it’s gross volume of business.

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Liquor License

The applicant must be of good moral character, a qualified legal voter and a taxpaying citizen of a city, county, town, or village of this state. The application for a liquor license provides a checklist of items required to obtain a license within our municipality.

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Street Closure For A Special Event

A permit must be obtained before any city street can be cordoned off for a special event.

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Amplified Music Permit

A permit must be obtained from the Chief of Police before amplified music or audio can be played at an event.

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Burn Permit

There are some allowances of open burning in the City of Warrensburg.  A permit is required from the Warrensburg Fire Department to burn leaves, limbs, grass and other natural vegetation.  No trash or construction materials are allowed to be burned in the City of Warrensburg.

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Employment With The City

The City of Warrensburg provides a full range of services to its citizens including fire, police, water pollution control, planning and development, street maintenance, parks and recreation, and the maintenance and operation of Sunset Hill Cemetery.

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Employment with Parks and Rec

The Mission of Warrensburg Parks and Recreation Department is to provide quality recreational facilities and opportunities for all individuals which will enhance their leisure and recreational pursuits.

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