Warrensburg Sports Authority


This task force was formed to review sports tourism and the joint use of existing sports facilities that will maximize sports tourism and explore the possibility of establishing a Warrensburg Sports Authority.

Membership and Terms

A seven (7) member task force shall be appointed by the Warrensburg Mayor and approved by the City Council that will include the following:

  •      One representative from the University of Central Missouri,
         Jerry Hughes
  •      One representative from the R-VI School District, Keith Chapman
  •      One representative from Youth Excited About Sports (YES), Brad
    One representative from the Parks & Recreation Board, J.T.
         One representative from the Warrensburg Convention and    
         Tourism Board, Lisa Dyer
    One City Council Representative, Dr. Curt Dyer
  •      One representative from the Warrensburg community at large,
         Kathy Bloemker
         Later added one representative from Whiteman AFB, David

Meeting Times

As needed.

Members of the Sports Authority

  • Paula Hertwig Hopkins: City Manager
  • City Council Representative
  • Jerry Hughes: University of Central Missouri
  • Keith Chapman: R-VI School District
  • Brad Carper: Youth Excited About Sports
  • Jonathan Thurston: Parks & Recreation Board
  • Lisa Dyer: Warrensburg Visitor’s Center Advisory Board
  • Keith Bloemker: Warrensburg Community at Large
  • David Stanfield: Whiteman Air Force Base