Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau


Expenditures from the lodging tax fund shall be made under the terms of a contract for services with the Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, Inc. This board was formed to promote tourism in Warrensburg.


The Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members. Board members appointed by City Council shall be from diverse professional backgrounds, with effort to include members from the lodging industry, sports industry, marketing, and groups or entities representing both facilities available for tourism and constituencies targeted for tourism activities. The City Manager, Parks and Recreation Director, and one (1) City Council member shall serve as nonvoting ex-officio members. The appointed Board members shall serve for three-year (3) terms. Except in the case of a resignation or removal, members shall hold office until their successors are appointed. New elections among the members of the Board for all officer appointments shall occur annually during the month of July. This board shall meet at least once per month for at least ten monthly meetings per year.


Victor Schmick (2017)
Sandy Irle (2017)
Rhonda Gelbach (2017)
Tommy Fatka (2018)
Don Butterfield (2018)
Dana Phelps (2018)
Tammy Leavy (2016)
Cliff Gower (2016) Filled Robert Unexpired Term
Kirsti Brunsvold (2016) Filled Scott Smith Unexpired Term


Director of Tourism, Courtney Stephens
(660) 262-4611

Office Address:    200 S. Holden Street
Mailing Address: 102 S. Holden Street
Warrensburg, MO 64093