Children’s Memorial Fund Advisory Board


This fund was created for the purpose of building a children’s memorial, to honor the memory of children who have died. The board has also been created for maintaining and improving the Children’s Memorial Gardens at Nancy Anderson Park. The board is to advise the City Council on all aspects regarding construction of the Children’s Memorial.

Membership and Terms

The membership shall be five (5) citizens of Johnson County for three (3) years. Appointments are made in June.

Meetings are held annually.

Members of the Children’s Memorial Advisory Board

Cindy Gabel (contact)
Craig Conant (2018)
John Culp (2018) (filled Eric Fudge’s unexpired term)
Marilyn Hamann (2018) (Nan Cocke’s unexpired term)
Nancy Luchtel (2018)
Melissa Tucker (2016, 2019) (filled unexpired term)