Downtown Street Art and The 1440 Clock Project

March 27, 2017—Downtown Street Art and The 1440 Clock Project

1440 Clock Project

Warrensburg, Mo. – The 1440 Clock Project is the story of a French artist and his fascination with street art—specifically graffiti. Instead of falling in line with the traditional graphical content found on buildings and train cars, Hugo Kriegel decided to venture off and display a series of time stamps signifying the time in which his project started. For nearly 10 years Kriegel has traveled the nation painting (with permission) in public spaces. Visit the downtown area at 110 E. Market St. and the corner of Culton and Washington to catch a glimpse of the new wall art. Find more information by following the links:1) 2) 3) Ventimiglia, J. The Daily Start Journal. March 22, 2017 “Painter’s brush with time could linger forever”

This project was Sponsored by the Warrensburg Arts Commission. For further information, contact the Streets Department, at 660-747-9131.

Street Art 1440 Clock Project 2017 Press Release

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