About Parks & Rec

Mission Statement

The Mission of Warrensburg Parks and Recreation Department is to provide quality recreational facilities and opportunities for all individuals which will enhance their leisure and recreational pursuits.

Staff Directory


Dodee Matthews, Director


Kathy Baldridge, Business & Information Specialist
Syerra Burnor, Office Manager


Kyle Crews, Recreation Superintendent
Teresa Romanowicz, Recreation Supervisor (Fitness & Wellness)
Grace Joseph, Recreation Supervisor (Recreation)
Alex Langella, Recreation Supervisor (Sports)


Jeff Coleman, Parks Operations Superintendent
Robert Burrows, Maintenance II
Travis Wright, Maintenance II


David Huffmaster, Crew Leader – Indoor

Warrensburg Parks & Recreation Board

President Judy Vickrey
Vice-President Ryan Peterson
Baird Brock Ray Cook
Mark Gilchrist Adriatic Likcami
Jonathan Thurston Scott Voskovitch