Tornado Shelters

With time permitting, the Warrensburg Fire Dept. will try to establish shelters in various locations throughout the city.


Four Warrensburg churches have agreed to help provide shelter in a tornado warning – if their personnel can safely travel to the churches.

Community of Christ Church
700 S. Mitchell
First United Methodist Church
141 E. Gay St.
Grover Park Baptist Church
409 Mitchell
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
300 Ridgeview
Tornado Shelters

Tornado Shelters

When a tornado warning is likely or occurs, the Warrensburg Fire Department will contact representatives of these churches to see if the church can be opened for use as a shelter. Actual use of the church as a shelter during severe weather is dependent upon the church representatives being able to safely travel to the church. You should go to the nearest place of shelter during a tornado warning. Do not go to City Hall or emergency agencies.

It is important to remember the sheltering provided by these churches during severe weather is intended to be of limited duration. In the event a tornado occurs and long-term shelter is needed, the American Red Cross and other agencies will determine where post-event shelters will be located.

Shelter Tips

 Do Not take pets to shelters Bring a flashlight, any required medication, and essential items. Leave stereos and TV sets at home. Stay away from shelter windows.
 Walk carefully inside the shelter.  Follow instructions you receive when in the shelter.  Assist others with their needs if you can.  Show respect to other occupants in the shelter.
Don’t leave the shelter without checking with your hosts.