Fire Prevention Information


The Warrensburg Fire Department provides many Fire Prevention services.  There are many attributes to a good fire prevention system.  The Warrensburg Fire Department utilizes a three-part system approach to protect citizens and visitors.

1.  Fire Code Adoption

The City of Warrensburg has adopted the 2012 International Fire Code with local amendments.  We strive to maintain safe properties and occupanices through Fire Inspections and Fire code enforcement. We work to create a partnership with business and property owners.  By working cooperatively, we can find solutions and create a safe environment to work and play in.  Business owners can find below a link to our inspection checklist for fire inspections.  This is designed to help business owners pass their inspection on their first time.  This is more efficient for the fire department and the business.

inspection checklist

2.  Public Education

The Warrensburg Fire Department provides educational programs throughout the community.  We can accomplish this in many ways.  Programs are provided to schools, preschools, churches, businesses, youth groups, and other civic groups.  We can provide information on fire safety and fire prevention, as well as fire extinguisher training and a Fire Safety Trailer presentation.  The Warrensburg Fire Department  works cooperatively with the Johnson County Fire Protection District to utilize their Fire Safety Trailer and Fire Extinguisher trainer for these items.  Programs can be provided on many topics in addition to fire safety, such as severe weather preparedness, business or office place safety, and senior citizen safety.  These programs can be brought to you, or you can come to us.  We welcome fire station tours at both stations.  We also can schedule fire truck visits for special events.  Please contact the Fire and Emergency Prevention Office at 660-262-4650 to schedule an event or program.  We do ask that you schedule at least one week in advance for any of these programs.

3.  Fire Investigations

The last piece of the puzzle is performing Fire Investigations.  If we can discover the cause of fires, we can then bring that information back to the code enforcement and public education areas and try to prevent that from happening again.  The Warrensburg Fire Department has Missouri Division of Fire Safety Certified Fire Investigators on staff to perform investigations. Investigators will also work the Warrensburg Police Department, Johnson County Fire Investigation Unit, and the Missouri State Fire Marshal’s office if outside assistance is needed.