Fire Department Operations


The Warrensburg Fire Department provides fire suppression, rescue, first responder, fire prevention, and emergency management services to the citizens and visitors of Warrensburg, MO.  The Fire Department has been under the direction of Fire Chief Jim Kushner since 2013 and operates out of two fire stations.  Station 1 is located in City Hall at 102 S. Holden St. and Station 2 in located in the Industrial Park at 1550 Corporate Dr.


Fire suppression, rescue, and first responder activities are provided by three full time shifts that rotate on a 24 hour on duty, 48 hour off duty rotation.  Each shift contains a Battalion Chief and two Engine Companies.  Each Engine Company contains a Captain and two firefighters.  In addition to responding to calls, crews are continually training, preparing preincident plans for businesses and apartment buildings in the city, performing fire hydrant maintenance, as well as station and vehicle maintenance.  This full time staff is supported by up to18 part time firefighters and up to 6 student resident/part time firefighters.  This part time staff can respond to larger incidents when requested by on duty personnel.  When full time openings arise in the fire department, they are filled from within the part time staff.


Fire Prevention activities consist of Fire Code Inspections, Commercial plan reviews, Public Education, and Fire Investigations.  These activities are coordinated by Assistant Fire Chief Doyle Oxley.


The Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Warrensburg is Chief Kushner.  He is assisted by three Assistant Emergency Management Coordinators from within the Fire Department.