Planning & Zoning



Planning & Zoning Ordinances

The Zoning Ordinance is in Chapter 27 and the Subdivision Regulations are in Chapter 21 of the Code of City Ordinances.

Planning & Zoning Department

Planning & Zoning is a division of Community Development which administers the zoning regulations within the city limits. This division handles the following:

  • Zoning verification of properties by emailing the City Planner Amanda Jacobson, by phone at (660) 747-9135 or in-person by visiting the Community Development department in City Hall.
  • Reviews applications:
    • for voluntary annexation of properties into the city limits
    • to subdivide lots through the preliminary, final or minor plat process.
    • to establish zoning or rezoning of lot(s).
    • for conditional use permit requests.
    • for variance to allow exceptions from the zoning regulations.
    • for an amendment to the text of Chapter 27 of the zoning regulations.
    • for residential, commercial, and sign permits.
    • zoning approval forms as part of the business license process.

The Planning & Zoning division answers questions about what type of use is allowed on a lot, where to put a structure on a lot, how many structures are allowed on a lot, how many parking spaces are required with a particular use and what is the maximum height in districts. The City Planner is part of the Plan Review team which reviews all residential and commercial building projects. The City Planner also works with the City Collector to verify zoning approvals for business licenses.

Contact: Amanda Jacobson, City Planner, Community Development (660) 747-9135.