Nuisance Code Enforcement

The City of Warrensburg has a strong commitment to improving the health, safety and aesthetics of our community. We want to work with all property owners to implement the ordinances and laws in the city. Enhancing the character of neighborhoods through strong code enforcement creates points of pride throughout Warrensburg.

Volunteer Clean Up Opportunities

If you have a group that would like to volunteer to pick up litter in Warrensburg, please call (660)747-9135 or email the Code Enforcement Inspector Ray Almaguer.

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Types of Violations

Tall Grass & Weeds: Grass and weeds must be maintained at a height of 12” or less. Fallen trees, limbs or piles of dead weeds, grass or brush are not allowed to accumulate.

Trash & Litter: Trash must be stored in plastic or metal containers with tight fitting lids that are screened from public view. Containers and bags cannot be placed at the curb more than 12 hours before or after a scheduled collection. Yards must be kept free of loose trash and litter at all times.

Trash Collection Service: all residences and businesses are required to retain trash service from a licensed trash collection service. Apartment buildings are required to have dumpsters with regularly scheduled collection.

Appliances: Appliances, including abandoned appliances, are not allowed to be placed outdoors or in yards of residences, other than 12 hours before a scheduled collection.

Upholstered Furniture: Upholstered furniture and broken furniture pieces are not allowed to become an attractive nuisance by being placed on porches, patios, or outdoors.

Parking in the Yard: Parking a vehicle, even temporarily, in the yard between the street and the house is not allowed. Parking is allowed only on approved driveways or parking lots.

Derelict Vehicles: Vehicles, automobile frames or parts are not allowed in the yard.

Please Note:  Violations of city ordinances that do not meet the criteria above should be reported to the Warrensburg Police Department Central Dispatch, 660-747-2265.

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