Contractor Licensing

All general contractors and sub-contractors are required to have a current Warrensburg Business License. To obtain a business license contact Carl Larkerbrink in the Collections Department at 660-747-9131.  Contractors’ licenses will be verified by City staff prior to issuing a building permit.  To become a licensed Plumber or Electrician in Warrensburg, you can either provide Master Plumber or Master Electrician credentials, credentials from another City of equal or greater size, or sit for a licensing exam with our department.  To schedule a test date, please contact Sandi Anstine, Permit Clerk, by email or at 660-747-9135.  Tests are based on the 2011 National Electric Code or 2012 International Plumbing Code, are open book, and take 1 hour to complete.  The exam fee is $65 upon passing the exam.

Fire Systems Contractor Registration

Persons that maintain, install, or repair suppression and detection equipment or systems shall register with the Fire Department. Registration applications are available from the Fire Department at 102 S. Holden Street.

Commercial Projects Require Stamped Plans

Plans submitted as part of a commercial construction permit application are required to be stamped by a Missouri registered architect and engineer.  Each page of a plan set is required to be wet-stamped and signed by the appropriate design professional.  This also applies to all resubmittals.  Electronic stamps and signatures are accepted.  If you have questions about this requirement as it applies to your project, please contact the Building Official at 660-747-9135.


Contact Sandi Anstine, Permit Clerk, at 660-747-9135 to schedule an inspection. Failure to request a required inspection could result in project modifications at the owner’s expense. No inspections will be made until required permits have been obtained.

Zoning Requirements

Staff recommends always verifying the zoning requirements for your project before deciding to build.  Warrensburg has eleven separate zoning districts, each with minimum lot size, building height, setback, parking, landscaping, and other requirements. Copies of the Zoning Map and Zoning Ordinance can be purchased at City Hall.  The Zoning Ordinance can be accessed online for free in Chapter 27 of the Code of City Ordinances at  For zoning questions, please contact the City Planner, Amanda Jacobson at 660-747-9135.