Commercial Building Permits


New Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial Building

Two sets of plans wet stamped by a Missouri registered architect and/or engineer or surveyor as required by state law.  Plans must include the following information:

  • Complete signed and sealed architectural plans, structural plans and material specifications of all work.
  • Soil boring and geotechnical recommendations report, including the description and bearing value.
  • Structural calculations or other substantiation of structural performance.
  • General specifications.
  • Fire resistance rated assembly specifications
  • Complete Mechanical plans and specifications
  • Complete Plumbing plans and specifications
  • Complete Electrical plans and specifications
  • Complete Sprinkler plans and specifications
  • Site plan drawn to scale showing:
    • Existing structures (placement on lot and dimensions)
    • Proposed structures (placement on lot and dimensions)
    • Adjacent street(s)
    • Lot dimensions
    • Location of driveways, sidewalks, and utility easements
    • Front, rear, and side setbacks
    • Which direction is north
    • The scale to which the site plan is drawn
    • Subdivision, lot number, and address

Multi-Family/Commercial/Industrial Remodel/Addition

Two sets of plans including building plans and a site plan. Contact the Building Official at 660-747-9135 to find out if your project will require wet stamped plans.