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  • Sarah Patton – Shelter Manager
  • Kelley Bennefeld – Assistant Shelter Manager
  • Abby Chronister – Shelter Staff
  • Katie Butler – Shelter Staff

2016 Shelter Statistics

Warrensburg Animal Shelter accepted 941 new pets into our program in 2016. In addition, 90 animals were still housed from 2015 for a total of 1031 animals in our care for the year.

  • 52% Adopted into new homes.
  • 16% Returned to their owners.
  • 8% Transferred to a partner shelter or rescue group.
  • 4% Euthanized (Euthanized animals were ones that were unhealthy beyond reasonable medical treatment or animals that were not safe to place into adoptive homes.)
  • 8% Died (Animals that died while in shelter care are ones that were extremely old or unhealthy and passed prior to humane euthanasia, or neonatal animals that did not thrive in a shelter environment.)

At the end of 2016 106 animals were housed waiting to be adopted in 2017.

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