City of Warrensburg: Sewer Utility Billing

City of Warrensburg Sewer Utility Billing:

In-House Billing Operations Transition Final Stages


WARRENSBURG, MO (October 30, 2014) – The City of Warrensburg is in the final stages of preparation to bring the Sewer Utility Billing Operations in house. While the schedule is still tentative, we are hopeful that all will continue to go well!

Carl Larkerbrink, City Collector, stated “bringing the sewer utility billing back in house will benefit Warrensburg by making it a more efficient process to pay bills…we are and will continue to work hard to gain, and improve our customer’s trust of this important service bringing it closer to home to provide excellent service and resolve issues that arise.”

What has been completed so far?

Staffing is complete.  Carey Smith and Vickie Wright were hired to better serve the residents of Warrensburg and will handle collection and billing.  Excelling in customer service and personal relations, Smith and Wright were also hired to improve the “accuracy, consistency, timing and predictability of the billing system “said City Manager, Paula Hertwig Hopkins. 

Carl Larkerbrink, City Collector and Manager of the Sewer Billing, is on board directing the process together with a team of other City Staff members.

What else needs to be accomplished?

Considering the complexity of this project, the City is completing the purchase and installation of software, hardware, and “start up” equipment necessary in setting up the billing operationsStarting November 3rd, our software company will be “on the ground” for the next 1-2 weeks making the necessary software installations, test runs, back up systems, and other related tasks before “going live.” Assuming all goes well, tentatively residents may start seeing their new bills soon thereafter.

Will there be new changes to the billing process?

One new feature and modification customers will see is Zone Billing, which was referenced in a recent letter sent out to all the sewer utility customers. This system will include four zones and based on the location of residency, sewer bills will be mailed and received around the same time customers receive their water bill. Larkerbrink states, “Zone billing is convenient to the customer and will result in a more accurate and efficient billing process. Zone billing has proved to work in the past and dividing meter readings into four sections is more effective, rather than trying to compile all the information at once.” Also, due to the reconstruction of the internal databases, automatic withdrawal accounts and auto bill pay service information will need to be resubmitted and updated. Customer’s personal information required for these services cannot be transferred once the new system is working. This will help better protect customers against identity theft and fraud.

Staff apologizes for any inconvenience this transition may cause as we are working diligently to minimize problems.  We appreciate the patience and cooperation of our customers.   


For related questions contact the City of Warrensburg Sewer Utility Department at 660-262-4549 and ask for any one of the following for assistance:  Carl Larkerbrink, Vickie Wright or Carey Smith.

For more information contact:

Name:  Sylvia Carpenter

Title:  Public Information Officer

Phone #:  660-262-4692

Email address:                      

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