Century Link Phone Book Corrections


Warrensburg, MO (May 7, 2015)- Earlier this week, CenturyLink released new phone books to residents in the Warrensburg area. While the phone book is a great resource for citizens and businesses, and the City appreciates their business, the City of Warrensburg and Police Department would like to recognize a corrected list of phone numbers for the following contacts in regards to the incorrect phone numbers listed in the phone book; we apologize for any and all inconveniences.


Warrensburg Police Department


Non-Emergency Dispatch:          (660) 747-2265

Vehicle Lockouts:                          (660) 747-2265

Animal Control:                              (660) 747-2265

Animal Shelter:                               (660) 747-7156

Business Office/Records:            (660) 747-9133

Dispatch Administration:             (660) 422-6317


City of Warrensburg


City Hall/collections/licensing:      (660) 747-9131

Sewer Utility Billing:                          (660) 262-4549

Building Permits/inspections/City Planner/Zoning:   (660) 747-9135

Municipal Court:                                   (660) 747-9132

Fire Department:                                  (660) 747-9136

Police Department:                              (660) 747-9133

Public Works:                                         (660) 747-9135

Animal Shelter:                                     (660) 747-7156

Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau:     (660) 262-4611

Parks and Recreation:                                                      (660) 747-7178



For more information, please contact Public Information Officer, Sylvia Carpenter, at the City of Warrensburg at 262-4692. 

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