Carbon-Monoxide Alarms

PRESS RELEASE Carbon-Monoxide Alarms

 Free Carbon-Monoxide Alarms for Warrensburg Residents 

In 2013 the City adopted a Property Maintenance Code which contains standards for the care and maintenance of properties in Warrensburg.  One of the requirements that become effective on July 1st, 2014 is any residence with a fuel fired appliance or an attached garage must have a carbon-monoxide (CO) detector installed.

The City has established a carbon-monoxide program to educate and prepare citizens for the carbon-monoxide requirement.  To assist citizens, in meeting the requirement, the City purchased CO detectors that can be obtained by Warrensburg residents at no cost.  Non-residents are not eligible for this program. 

For single-family residences, the occupants may obtain one CO detector/alarm at no cost to the resident. 

For multi-family residences, the owner/management group may obtain CO detector/alarms at a ‘buy one get one free’ schema.  A pair of CO detectors may be purchased for 15 dollars.  This money will be used to extend the program and purchase more CO detectors. 

Any residents or property owners interested in obtaining a CO detector may visit the Department of Community Development, downstairs at City Hall, 102 S. Holden Street. 

For more information contact:

Name: Roma Hicks

Title: Neighborhood Services Coordinator

Phone #: 660-747-9135

Email address:


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