Business Resources

Economic Development Incentives

Find out about economic development incentives available in Warrensburg

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Business Licenses

Go inside the Collections Department page to read about obtaining a business license and access the business license application itself.

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Liquor Licenses

Go inside the Collections Department to find the application to obtain a liquor license, as well as see how much different ones cost.

Liquor Licenses →

Building Inspections & Permits

Read about the different residential and commercial building permits, and find the forms to print off and fill out.

Building Inspections & Permits →

Sales Tax Breakdown

Go inside the Finance & Collections Departments to read about how sales tax works.

Sales Tax Breakdown →

Chamber of Commerce

Visit the Chamber’s page to read about promoting Warrensburg business and welcoming visitors.

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Johnson County Economic Development

Visit JCEDC to learn more about business in Johnson County, including extra info about Warrensburg via Location 1.

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Main Street

Visit Warrensburg Main Street to read about events, Farmers’ Market and see a business directory.

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