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Adoption Application

  1. It is our intention to place our animals into homes that are the right fit for both the family and the animal. At the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter, we practice open adoptions working with you to make sure we are making the best match possible. Open adoptions mean that our adoption process is open to all adoption criteria, and we place our pets in the homes that best fit the animal and the family. It is devastating to the animal to go from home to home and we are working in the animal and the adopter's best interest in determining the best possible match. We will not automatically eliminate a possible home that may not fit rigid criteria, but screening potential homes is an important part of our commitment to the animals that we are adopting.

  2. Completing an application is not a guarantee the selected animal will be placed in your home, but it allows us the opportunity to help you find a pet that matches your expectations. The applications also assist us in customizing and adoption package to provide resources to make the adoption a success.

  3. Adopter Information

  4. Spouse/Significant Other

  5. Please include Apartment or Unit Number

  6. Type of Residence*

  7. Please answer the following questions honestly. An ill-advised placement, or one in which all the details are NOT known, can end tragically - usually for the pet.

  8. What type of pet are you applying to adopt?*

  9. Tell us why you want to adopt a dog*

  10. Tell us why you want to adopt a cat*

  11. How many hours will the dog be alone during the day?*

  12. Do you have a fenced-in yard?*

  13. Do you rent or own your home?*

  14. Have your discussed adopting a pet with your landlord?*

  15. Is this person the:*

  16. Is a deposit required?*

  17. I understand that shleter staff may contact my landlord to inquire about my housing status. *

  18. Please include information such as pet(s) name, breed, age, gender, spayed/neutered, indoor/outdoor pet, and how long you owned the pet.

  19. How did you hear about WAS?*

  20. Please select any behavior isues you have dealt with.

  21. Would you like to receive information/counseling on any of hte following behaviors?

  22. Would you like to receive information/counseling on any of the following behaviors?

  23. I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and the informaition I have given is true. I recognize that any misrepresentations of facts may result in my losing the privlege of adopting a pet. I authorize any and all verifications of statements made in the application.*

  24. I understand that the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter has the right to deny my application at any time during the adoption process. *

  25. I am fully aware that I am adopting a living creature, and as such, there will likely be a period of time that this animal needs to adjust to my home. *

  26. I understand that if I am unable to keep this pet for any reason, I will notify the Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter prior to rehoming it and that if I do place the pet in a new home, I will notify the shelter so that the pet's records can be updated.*

  27. I understand Old Drum & Friends Animal Shelter is unable to guarantee the health of the animal.*

  28. If this animal becomes ill, I certify that I am financially and/or emotionally prepared to treat this animal at my own expense.*

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