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Posted on: September 14, 2018

City Wide Traffic Signal Systems Upgrade Project

Signal project

City Wide Traffic Signal Systems Upgrade Project

The Notice to Proceed was issued to Capital Electric Line Builders, Inc. on June 11, 2018, and to Traffic Control Corporation on June 8, 2018.   Capital Electric Ling Builders is the contractor that will construct the project at a cost of $638,077.22, Traffic Control Corporation is providing the equipment to be installed at a cost of $535,575.00 for a total project cost of $1,173,652.22.  

MoDot is sharing upgrade costs with the city on 4 of the signal systems, 2 signals located at Maguire St./ Bus Hwy 13 & Hwy 50 and 1 located at DD Hwy & Maguire St./ Bus Hwy 13, and 1 located at DD Hwy & Ridgeview Dr., at a cost of $308,186.00, bringing the total cost of the project for the City to $865,466.22.  This project is funded by the approved Go Bonds.  

The project includes upgrading 16 city owned and 4 MoDot owned traffic signals as specified below: (please see attached map)

Existing signal systems at the following locations are presently wire suspended outdated systems that will be fully upgraded with permanent traffic signal system replacement, that includes new signal poles and signal arms, radar detection controls, new upgraded programable traffic signal controller, wireless communication system, and battery backup systems.  

Cooper Street @Walmart entrance 

DD Hwy & Ridgeview Dr. (includes new crosswalks with pedestrian crossing poles) (MoDot Owned)

DD Hwy & Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 (MoDot Owned)

The following signals will be upgraded with new programable traffic signal controllers, radar detection systems, wireless communication systems, and battery backup systems

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Cooper Blvd. 

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Hwy 50 (MoDot Owned 2 signals)

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Russell St. 

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Bus Hwy 50/Young St. 

Bus Hwy 50/Young St. & Holden St. 

Bus Hwy 50/Young St. @ North Park Shopping Center & Glasscock Plaza

Bus Hwy 50/Young St. & Burkarth Rd. (Including dedicated left turn signals)

Bus Hwy 50/Young St. & PCA Rd.

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & North St.

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Gay St. (Includes additional Pedestrian Crossing)

Gay St. & Mitchell St.

Gay St. & Burkarth Rd.

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Grover St.

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & South St.

South St. & Holden St.

Maguire St./Bus Hwy 13 & Clark St.

In addition there will be 3 additional poles installed with repeater controls within the City to support the wireless connection system. 

Currently Capital Electric Line Builders are working at Cooper St. & Walmart Entrance installing the required traffic signal pole bases and boring required electrical conduit under pavement.  Additional conduit installation is taking place at Maguire St./ Bus Hwy 13 & DD Hwy and will begin at DD Hwy & Ridgeview.  Due to the long lead time to receive the required mast arms and signal poles required for the fully upgrade signal locations, the project will extend into February or March 2019 timeframe for completion.  All other locations will be upgrade with the required equipment by December or January.  Each traffic signal location will be updated to maintain the existing timings that have been provided by the most current traffic study.  Specific programs will be introduced gradually over an extended period of time that will best meet the needs of specific functions and events or daily schools operations support. 

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