WCVB Tourism Marketing Grant

The Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau has set aside funding for the promotion of events and attractions exhibiting positive tourism potential to the Warrensburg, Missouri area. These funds are used to assist qualified organizations with the promotion of tourism activities striving to directly increase lodging occupancy and encourage events to expand their marketing reach, which contributes positively to the growth of tourism in Warrensburg, Missouri.

Grant funds are generated from the lodging tax collected from overnight lodging facilities in Warrensburg. The WCVB Tourism Marketing Program runs Oct.1-September 30. The program is evaluated each year and adjustments are made as necessary.

Evaluation Procedure

The WCVB Grant Committee will review requests for funding on an annual basis, January 30, for recommendations to the Board. If budget allows, the committee may review requests June 29. The June 29 review is optional, and organizations are strongly encouraged to submit prior to the January 30 deadline. The maximum grant awarded by the WCVB in 2018 is $1,500.


Applications will be reviewed for completeness by the WCVB staff immediately after submission. Organizations that submit an incomplete application will be notified by the WCVB for the information if time allows. A complete application does not guarantee funding. The WCVB reserves the right to reject any application for any reason.


The WCVB Grant Committee will review applications and at that time applicants may be invited to present a brief 5-minute presentation on their application. The Commitee will make a recommendation to the WCVB Board for final approval of all funding.


Applicants will be notified of the WCVB Board's decision. Successful applicants will receive letters of agreement with funding levels.

Qualifying Applicants

Applicants must be organizations seeking to produce and promote a well-defined tourism-oriented project, program or event aimed at tourism development or marketing that promotes local tourism attractions, brings visitors or has the potential to bring visitors to Warrensburg that will create overnight stays in Warrensburg's lodging facilities. Grant funds are issued to qualifying applicants through a reimbursement process.

Please note the award of the WCVB Tourism Marketing Grant does not supersede the need for proper permitting and licensing with the City of Warrensburg, Johnson County and/or other governing agents. The applicant is responsible for obtaining all required permits and licenses.

  • Applications must be complete
  • All applications must be received by designated deadline
  • Event must be held within the greater Warrensburg, Missouri area
  • Event must be marketed to attract visitors outside of 50 mile radius
  • Include an established and current state/federal non-profit, tax exempt, or government agency tax ID Number
  • The tax ID Number listed must be that of the official applicant or the listed partner applicant
  • You must include the WCVB logo in all advertising in a size that is noticeable and proportionate in relation to the ad layout
  • Proof of event liability insurance and a completed W-9 tax form will need to be provided to WCVB prior to the organization receiving any funding
  • The reimbursement form, evaluation form and hotel tracking form must be completed and submitted no more than 30 days after project, program or event to receive reimbursement

Receiving Grants

Projects are limited to receive the WCVB Tourism Marketing Grant no more than ten years. WCVB reserves the right to award funds to projects that have received funding funds for more than ten years if it believes the monies are warranted and will result in overnight stays in Warrensburg.

The WCVB reserves the right to not award grant funds if necessary requirements are not met.

Eligible Applicants

  • Applicants holding activities in Greater Warrensburg area
  • Applicants partnered with Non-Profit or Tax Exempt Organization
  • Event or attraction must be open to the general public
  • Nonprofit Organization*

*Organizations may apply for a WCVB Community Grant once per program year.

Eligible Expenses

This grant was created to assist with promoting the event, program or project to drive tourism to Warrensburg. Only marketing expenses targeted to audiences located outside Warrensburg a minimum of 50+ miles will be accepted for reimbursement. The committee will closely evaluate the applicants marketing plan and budget prior to awarding the grant. Eligible expenses include newspaper ads, magazine ads, professional publications, digital ads, radio ads, billboards, etc. If an applicant questions if an expense is eligible, they are strongly encouraged to contact the WCVB office. 

Ineligible Expenses

The following is a partial list of expenditures that are not eligible for grant fund consideration:

  • Administrative Cost
  • Capital Improvements
  • Equipment
  • Items for Resale
  • Ongoing Operating Expenditures
  • Personnel Expense
  • Professional Services including Legal, Medical, Engineering, Accounting or Auditing


Post-Event Report

Further, a full post-event report with approximated number of persons attending the event, and hotel tracking form must be submitted. The report must include the approximated number of overnight stays that were generated by the attendees of the event; the number of persons traveling over 50 miles to attend the event; marketing plan success/failure; and improvements to event in the future. The report must be submitted to the WCVB within 30 days of the conclusion of the project, program or event.

The evaluation form and hotel tracking form  must be attached to the request for reimbursement. Receipts are required for all expenses submitted. Failure to comply will void the grant award. Applicants will not be eligible for future funding if the reports are not submitted. Both forms are required to be submitted to the WCVB within 30 days from the conclusion of the project, program or event.


If grant is approved, the WCVB agrees to reimburse for expenses described within the application  based on compliance with all policies and guidelines set forth in the program, as well as those established by State Statutes. Any expenses deemed by the WCVB to not be allowed, by either the policies of the grant program, or statutes governing the use of Lodging Tax Funds, will be denied.