Last Name - M

Mildred Martha McBride

American poet Anne Bradstreet wrote "Farewell sweet babe, the pleasure of mine eye, farewell fair flower that for a space was lent" when her one year old grandchild passed away. The family of Mildred McBride must have felt the same way when their 14 year old seedling perished in 1907. The cross on her grave reads, "She Was But A Flower, Too Good For The Earth."

Samuel G. McCluney

As the President of the Game Breader's Association, Samuel McCluney touched the lives of many of Warrensburg's citizens. When this published author perished in August of 1967, every florist in the city was sold out and extra flowers had to be ordered. His grave is located not to far away from the Statue of Jesus Holding Child near the northwest lot.

Charles E. Miller

80 year old Charles Miller is buried beside his 91 year old wife Bernice. Charles, a World War I veteran, worked as a carpenter in a corner building at the south side of East Pine across from the old post office.

Samuel Milliken

Buried with his wife Marie C. Goheen and with family members nearby, Samuel Milliken's grave leaves a message of hope for loved ones. The tombstone reads, "No Pain, No Grief, No Anxious Fear, Can Harm the Peaceful Sleepers Here."

Frank Thomas Moriarty

Make sure to salute the grave of 97 year old American Hero Frank Moriarty. This army veteran served our country in both World Wars. This University instructor's tombstone is engraved with a typewriter, a cross, and a rolled up scroll.

Timothy & Margaret Murphy

Reminding people today about the blessing of modern medicines stands the 19th century graves of Timothy and Margaret Murphy and their six children: John T., Margaret, Maria, Thomas, Rosa, and Agnes. No child lived to see their fourth birthday.