Leland Culp

About Culp

As a standout in Democratic Party Politics, Leland Culp served Warrensburg in the council and as city mayor. Visitors may view the gravesite for this World War II veteran and creator of Inland Chemical Company by the shady trees at the north side of the cemetery near the tombstone of James C. Kirkpatrick.

Warrensburg Resident

As a long term resident of Warrensburg, Leland Culp spent his entire life serving the city and the people who lived here. His legacy may be heard through the stories of those who worked with him in a wide variety of organizations, and can be seen by the strong family bond that remains in the Culp family heritage. Following is a short list of activities and accomplishments that can barely even attempt to summarize the life of a man who gave everything he had to help make Warrensburg a fabulous place to live.


Jesse and Judith Culp were overjoyed to show off their newborn baby boy to extremely congratulatory friends and family. Leland Culp was born on February 18, 1916 in Warrensburg, the city he would love and serve the rest of his life. After falling in love, he would marry his darling bride Zinn Brooks in November of 1952.


Thankful to be living in the United States, Culp proudly served the Red, White, and Blue by fighting in both World War II and in the Korean War. This retired Lietenant Commander in the U.S. Navy would become a licensed professional engineer in both Texas and Missouri. He would take his leadership skills he had acquired while serving our nation and bring that ability back to the city Old Drum made famous.

Leland Culp created the Inland Chemical Company in 1956 and operated the store until its sale 31 years later in 1987. Inland Chemicals specialized in plastic bottles, fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment, and a multitude of other products to help make lives better and more secure.

Public Office

As one of his most famous accomplishments, Leland Culp honorably served on the Warrensburg City Council from 1960 through 1963 and even had a one year term as mayor from April of 1961 through April of 1962.

Very few people ever receive the opportunity to help Central Missouri State University on the executive level. Yet, for an entire decade from 1965 through 1975, Leland Culp was an influential leader serving on the CMSU Board of Regents.

He was an outstanding leader in the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce and even received a special award from the group for being an outstanding long-term member.

Leland Culp was extremely active in the Democratic Party, which had a major role in shaping the current system of state government in Missouri. He was the Chairperson of the Johnson County Central Democratic Committee (1972 to 1976), a member of the Democratic State Committee in Missouri (1977 to 1980), and was the Chairperson of the 31st Senatorial District Committee (1981 to 1982).


A strong Christian man, Leland Culp was an active member of the 1st Baptist Church. He also served on the Board of Directors of the United Missouri Bank and was even an active member of the Sunset Hill Cemetery Association. Even up to his death at 72 years old, he was still active in our city while serving on the Warrensburg Board of Adjustment. Because of the major commitment Culp gave to our city and from the lives of the people that were made better by his work, Warrensburg is incredibly thankful for the commitment of Leland Culp.