1929 Warrensburg License Plate Donated to City

The Mayor and City Council would like to thank Terry Hammer for his gift to the City of a 1929 City of Warrensburg license plate.

With an increasing number of motor vehicles on roads across the country, the City of Warrensburg passed Ordinance #51 on November 6, 1923. This required owners of motor vehicles residing in Warrensburg to pay a license tax and this likely took effect in 1924. Residents were issued a City of Warrensburg license plate and were required to display it on the left side of the motor vehicle. Violations for non-compliance were steep at the time, a fine between $10 and $25, which would be between $140 and $350 in 2016.

This is the oldest known example of a City of Warrensburg license plate, issued in 1929, #79. This license plate can be viewed at City Hall and was a gift to the City from Terry Hammer, Proprietor of shoplicenseplates.com.

1929 City of Warrensburg License Plate

Terry Hammer presenting Mayor Robin Allen with a 1929 City of Warrensburg license plate.

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